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Seeing the forest and the trees

It is hard to see the big picture when you are swamped with day to day operations and the unexpected challenges that every organization faces. With an extensive background in business process improvement, strategic planning, marketing, team building, customer service, leadership development, and business start up and expansion, we will help you develop the ideas and plans and facilitate the implementation to optimize all your resources.


  • Process Improvement and Cash Flow: A large utility company hired us to review a business department that cost the organization one million dollars a year. After reviewing the budgets, processes, and outcomes, the organization implemented our proposed solution, which cost them a small fraction of the budgeted one million.
  • Budgeting and Cash Flow: A small entrepreneur was struggling with cash flow. A review of her revenue and expenses yielded several areas for changes and improvement. Using our recommendations, she was able to increase revenue by 25% and reduce expenses by 30%, making her immediately profitable and providing positive cash flow.
  • Customer Service and Cash Flow: A large company hired us to review their extensive, and costly, customer service operations. After spending several days on-site observing work flow, and reviewing the business processes used through every facet of the customer service system, we were able to make easy to implement recommendations that saved the company millions of dollars a year.
  • Credit and Collection and Cash Flow: A Fortune 250 company hired us to review their credit and collection practices. Our one month, on-site observations yielded recommendations that improved their work flow and collected millions of dollars a year more than they had been collecting, while reducing their collection expenses by more than 50%.

These are just a few of the many projects we have delivered big on for our clients! When we are finished with your project, you will be able to see the forest, the trees, and a guaranteed improvement in your planning, business processes and cash flow...promise!