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Contemporary and Innovative Classroom Education

Students rarely get enough chances to put their education to work before plunging into the professional world.  Community-based Learning (CBL) is a partnership between the classroom and the not for profit professional world, giving students the chance to learn about the real challenges of work in a safe environment. With the protection of the classroom, students can take risks and learn by doing, while also helping a not for profit organization realize some of their goals. These projects yield amazing results for the students and not for profit clients, culminating in a win-win relationship between college and community.

As a way to reflect on their learning, students are encouraged to start blogs and work with other social media outlets. This gives them a way to archive and curate their work while learning how to use valuable, in demand digital communication tools.

How We Can Help You Bring CBL to Your Campus

If you are a college educator or administrator, and especially if you are seeking accreditation or re-accreditation, CBL is a perfect pedagogical tool to enhance Innovation, Engagement, and Impact at every level. Our A-Z program gives you the tools to bring this innovative educational pedagogy to your campus, engage your community partners, students, and colleagues, and impact all your stakeholders. From recruiting your local not for profits to setting up unique collaborative environments for your students to promoting their work and the work of the university, we will successfully get you started on this amazing educational journey!